The Ultimate Dual-Action

Anti Aging Solution

The Ivory And

Elevare +


The Ivory & Elevare + Are an FDA Cleared Class II medical device.

Get Healthier, Rejuvenated Skin with this Dual-Action Solution

Looking for the secret to a healthier, more youthful complexion? Take home the combined power of Elevare’s most advanced skin restoration devices: the Ivory and the Elevare Plus +. The combination of the blue light, infrared light and LED in both devices creates a perfect and well-rounded treatment for your skin. The Ivory uses blue light to disinfect your skin, treating and preventing acne. This deep cleansing properly properly prepares your skin for the Elevare Plus +, which uses red and infrared light to mend and regenerate your skin, significantly improving its appearance.


Both the Ivory and the Elevare Plus + are backed by clinical studies. They are FDA cleared and side-effect free. Together, these revolutionary devices hold the key to a brighter, younger you.

Dr. Joanna Nguyen Discusses the Ultimate Treatment