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Introducing the


Purifying your skin


with the power of


blue light  


The Ivory is an FDA Cleared Class II medical device.

Give Your Skin the Ultimate Glow with the Ivory

Say hello to a fresher, smoother complexion thanks to the Ivory: a revolutionary new skincare device from Elevare. The Ivory is an FDA cleared device that is clinically proven and dermatologist recommended. It uses blue light photo-therapy and topical heat to disinfect and detoxify the skin. The Ivory eliminates bacteria trapped under the skin’s surface, reducing redness and inflammation. It heals the sebaceous glands and minimizes pores, ultimately revealing a smoother, healthier complexion.

The topical heat from the Ivory increases blood flow to the treated areas. It provides proteins, nutrients and oxygen to naturally heal and improve the skin. The Ivory is painless and safe to use in the comfort of your own home.

Ivory by Elevare Skin

Ivory by Elevare Skin

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Ivory by Elevare Skin

Purify and detoxify your skin with the power of blue light

Key Benefits

The human body is able to use light rays for various health benefits. Blue light, which has no side effects or allergens, is clinically proven to purify the skin.


How it Works

The Ivory device uses a unique combination of topical heat (in a range of 40-42 C, or 104-107 F) and blue light to combat skin imperfections, reaching 415 nanometers under the skin, all the way to the hypodermis. Together, these effects increase blood flow and eliminate the dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria trapped under the skin. This reduces redness and inflammation, minimizing pores, and healing the sebaceous (oil) glands. The result is a refreshed complexion, that both looks and feels healthier – all without any of the side effects that can be caused by topical medications.

See the Results

from the clinical study conducted by Princeton Research Division.


agreed that their
blemishes were
visibly reduced


noticed a reduction
in the redness of
their blemishes


noticed the
pain of their acne
was soothed


felt their
resolved faster

Customer Results

Blue light therapy is a non-invasive, gentle treatment that leaves surrounding tissues unharmed.
Here are photos showing the effect that the Ivory has had for our customers.

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