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Infused with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and botanical extracts found in our exclusive age‐defying facial skin care line – but reformulated for the neck and chest's special needs – the Neck and Chest Beauty System delivers deep, superior rejuvenation. It re‐contours, renews, and revitalizes the skin of the neck and chest area for a smooth, firm, hydrated, and a more youthful look.


This Diamond Infused Beauty System includes 14 Age‐Defying Neck and Chest Masks and 1 Neck and Chest Age‐Defying Cream.


14 Neck and Chest Masks (single‐application, discard after use) The Neck and Chest Age‐Defying Mask effectively delivers our exclusive age‐defying formula – reformulated for the specific needs of the neck and chest area – deep into your skin, where it works to stimulate cell renewal for a flawless appearance and a firmer texture. For best results, incorporate our Pink Diamond Collagen Collection line between applications.

Forever Flawless Neck & Chest Beauty System

    • Collagen crystals – rebuilds skin cells connection
    • Hyaluronic acid – plumps skin and improves skin’s texture
    • Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants – rejuvenates and revitalizes skin
  • Over clean skin, first place the mask on your chest. After 15 minutes, flip it over and place the unused side on your neck. After another 15 minutes, remove the mask and rinse the chest and neck area with warm water. Use weekly.

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