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In Kristals Cosmetics' PEARL Neck Chest & Extra Firming Serum, the formulation includes allantoin to combat allergens that can irritate the skin and dimethicone crosspolymer to give skin a silky texture. the serum also incorporates vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 to revive the skin’s appearance, leaving it fresh, clean and vibrant while promoting youthful elasticity and fighting free radicals that promote premature aging. MSS 500 (silica) is another ingredient; its purpose it to diffuse light, giving skin a gentle, soft-focus glow.

PEARL Neck & Chest Extra Firming Serum

    • Pearl powder – microdermabrasion
    • Pro-vitamin B5 – fights free radicals
    • Silica – strengthen connective tissues in the skin
  • For best results, apply onto a thoroughly cleansed and dry neck and chest.

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